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ALT-A aka “El Oldskoolico” on your system!!!! A new, ultra powered, villain landed in the small island of Tchukaruku, deep inside the calm seas of the Caribbean. With incredible power and magic technologic tricks Zucerion managed to beat all local Luchadores and start terrorising the poor people of the island with the help of a dozen of blood thirsty robots! El Oldskoolico came over for help and start immediatelly to fight the robots and Zucerion but the villain got some magic powers that seems to be unbeatable, powers that derive from other planets! USA Luchadores BEAR MOSS aka “El Malefico” and MARIION CHRISTIIAN aka “Private Reinhart” (a military-themed Luchador who wears a gas mask) came over for help and by using El Malefico's super moves they've grown to giants and beat the robots while Oldskoolico entered Zucerion system of magic powers and de-activate them all!!!