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Megawatt and his brother Potato Patata Jr the mighty Luchadores known as BETER KICKS are back by dope demand! Megawatt’s signature move “Magna Electrica”, a move that helped him won many fights, was stolen by a bunch of wrecked ultra thrillin villain robots that are working under the commands of the super-evil Hastama Hula. The two brothers, with the help of their sister Tomato Tamata, tried to take the super move back but they surrounded by a whole army of robots and a tribe of blood thirsty human-eater cannibals deep in the Jungle of Papagalo Negro! Then all of a sudden the mighty Luchador British Twist aka PERPETUAL PRESENT came over with his extrordinary Tech-Funk moves and the shout “Brittish Twisted”. His powers involve turning imaginary objects he acts out, into real invisible objects, and by turning some imaginary super hammers to real he has helped Better Kicks to win the battle and get their super extraordinary move back!