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“El Profe” aka XTREME PROJECT, is a fresh and funky Luchador in the family who was killed by a demon after an extremely tough battle together with his friend “El Old-skoolico”. Escorted into the afterlife by his four brothers he researched the Shanshu Prophecy about a vampyre becoming human, and he managed to re-birth as a Luchador again! His awesome Tech-Funk skills and his wikkid Funky feeling helped him to build a really strong reputation all over the island of Avenida Furia where he becomes something like a living legend! It was there where he get the name “El Profe” due to his professional techniques in the battle. OMEGA SQUAD, also known as El Profe Manotas, the man with the big hands, due to his extraordinary fighting techniques and skills that can perform only with his own hands! He left the island of Santa Esmeralda after a call from “El Profe” and join him to the fight against the underworld demons of Avenida Furia. Together they form the “El Collectivo” duo and manage to eliminate almost all demons of the island except “Orio Negro” an old “fire-demon” that escape from the battle and found a place to hide inside the volcano of Turitandea!