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Hangin' with ILS - The Viro Interviews Part I
ILS is no stranger to our Breaks scene, with tons of releases on labels such as Marine Parade, Distinctive, his own ILS Music imprint, Botchit and Scarper and many others, his unique style and sound has captivated many a music fans across the globe.  He has taken time out of his busy schedule to meet up with me and the world!
Viro: First and foremost, thanks for taking the time out to meet with us!  Why don't you tell the world a little something about ILS that not many people know?

ILS: Hmm, well I regularly enroll into random college courses, because i feel i missed out on school , i was high on lsd most of the time, so now i am trying to compensate for my wasted and mispent youth

Viro: That seems to work LOL!
Viro: As some might know, you have a new album that has been completed, what can you tell us about this album? The style, direction, inspiration?

ILS: The album is pretty dark, based on my experiences in the music business and life in general !

Viro: When can we expect your new album in shelves? And on what label?

ILS: Hopefully the album (Paranoid Prophets) will be out in October 2007 on Botchit and Scarper Records. It is great to have label mates like Atomic Hooligan and Deekline on team

Viro: Sure's a lethal combination
Viro: When can we expect some new vinyl or digital releases from the new album? (Singles etc...)
ILS: Singles will start around the same time as the album release, I left it to the last minute to sign this album, so the label didn't get much time to pull it all together

Viro: What does ILS like to do on his spare time?
ILS: Been going to gym more nowadays in my old age, I do a bit of painting too.... (no, not finger painting, but yes i know what you were thinking! )

Viro: What other music does ILS listen to when he's not bustin' out his own hits?

ILS: I like a bit of hip hop and rare 60's psychedelic rock

Viro: Who do you wish you could collaborate with? (Past or Present)

ILS: Tom York or Radiohead are still the ones ... wouldn't mind working with nine inch nails either. Anyone who can write great lyrics

Viro: What is your outlook on the scene today? The digital era, the changing sound of breaks?
ILS: Luckily the digital world has stabilized a bit, it is now between itunes and beatport for buying dance digital downloads, a few years ago there were hundreds of companies all doing the same thing and no one knew who to go with, now there is a clear direction.

Viro: I do agree with that! Any new special projects or collaborations that you'd like to talk about? 
ILS: I enjoy producing small time indie guitar bands as a hobby, so i am always invovled in other projects at some level...
Viro: Where can people find you on the net?

ILS:  is my favorite web platform as it is like an official website , only difference is people can interact with you and it is not so complicated that you need a team of nasa experts every time you want to update the site !
Check out more info on ILS by visiting his MySpace page and also don't forget to peep his new album coming out on Botchit & Scarper entitled "Paranoid Prophets"
Note from Interviewer:
It was a blast interviewing this guy for the fact that he is one of the most dedicated and committed musicians out there (in my view). He has helped us open some doors and will continue to help myself and my production partner Rob Analyze in this aspect. 
About Interviewer:
Viro is a Producer/DJ based out of Tampa, FL.  With over 45 Vinyl Releases at the age of 22, he has had releases on Moonshine, BomBeatz Music, MOB Records, Kaleidoscope/Puffin, ILS Music, Sango Music, Troubador, 941 Electro and countless other labels.  For more info, visit